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YHV Detection Kit

Yellow head disease (YHD) of Penaeid shrimp is characterised by high and rapid mortality, typically accompanied by the gross signs of yellowing of the cephalothorax and general bleaching of body colour.

Yellow head Disease is considered to be infection with Yellow head Virus (YHV) – Genotype 1 a positive stranded RNA virus which is one of six known genotypes in the yellow head complex of viruses and is the only known agent of yellow head disease.

Prevalence of YHV is very high in farmed and wild populations of P. monodon in Australia, East Africa and Asia. YHV can induce up to 100% mortality in infected P. monodon ponds within 3 days of the first appearance of clinical signs.

As no preventive measures are available, accurate and timely diagnosis is the only way for effective management.

Kit Contents

  • Easy flow with ready to use solutions for Direct to Customer
  • One step real time PCR with high performance
  • Inclusion of Positive and Negative controls
  • Inclusion of Reagents for endogenous control amplification as a quality check for extraction and PCR
  • Rapid protocol with a high-throughput; Results of 96 samples is obtained within 80 minutes after start of run

Real Time PCR

MyLab Lifesolutions provides PathoDetect YHV detection Kit and WSSV detection kits which constitutes a ready – to – use reagents for the detection of Yellow head virus RNA and White spot syndrome virus DNA using real time PCR respectively.Real time PCR constitutes the fluorogenic probe based chemistry that uses the 5′ nuclease activity of Taq DNA polymerase and enables the detection of a specific PCR product as it accumulates during the PCR cycles.A combination of highly sensitive Taq DNA polymerase enzymes along with validated primer – probes ensures reliable and reproducible results within short time.

Kit Features

  • Reagents required for Real Time PCR
  • Plastic wares for Real Time PCR

Order Information

# Product Cat. No. Reaction size/kit
1 Pathodetect-YHD Detection Kit PYH25 25
2 Pathodetect-YHD Detection Kit PYH50 50
3 Pathodetect-YHD Detection Kit PYH100 100