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Dengue and Chickungunya Screening Kit

Dengue (DENV) and chikungunya (CHIV) transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, are a cause of great concern to public health in India. Every year, thousands of individuals are affected and contribute to the burden of health care. Serology testing for DENV and CHIV diagnosis is not useful in the early phase of the disease and is less sensitive.

Mylab Discovery Solutions provides a highly sensitive and specific real time RT PCR for accurate and rapid diagnosis of dengue and chikungunya viral nucleic acids. Early stage diagnosis of viral nucleic acid would help greatly in disease management. The assay will be a useful tool for differential diagnosis of dengue fever or chikungunya in a situation where a number of other clinically indistinguishable infectious diseases like malaria, rickettsia and leptospira occur.

Additionally Mylablifesolutions offers a common DENV/CHIV screening kit which is a one-step multiplex real time RT PCR for simultaneous detection and differentiation of dengue and chikungunya virus from plasma. It is of additional advantage as India has reported many cases of co circulation and/or co infection of Dengue and chikungunya viruses.

Kit Features

  • Direct to customer” clinical lab tests based on real time PCR
  • High sensitive and specific for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTC)
  • Includes all the reagents required to perform sample to Result analysis.
  • Inclusion of internal control gene to assess the performance of both nucleic acid extraction and real time PCR
  • Optimal quality controls to ensure highest performance.
  • Low contamination risk – no post-PCR product handling
  • Fast – results in under 80 minutes after PCR start
  • Simple reaction setup and data interpretation

Kit Contents

  • Reagents for nucleic acid extraction
  • Reagents for real time PCR
  • Quality controls

Order Information

# Product Cat. No. Reaction size/kit
1 Pathodetect- CHIK-DEN Multiplex PCR Kit PCDME25 25
1 Pathodetect- CHIK-DEN Multiplex PCR Kit PCDME50 50
1 Pathodetect- CHIK-DEN Multiplex PCR Kit PCDME100 100