Asst. Manager Stores (Location: Lonavala)

Experience – 6-10 of Experience in the Biotech Division or Pharmaceuticals.

Education – M.Sc. Biotech / M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry / Pharm

About Role 

  • Responsible for total activities and work planning in Stores department as per SOPs
  • Monitor procurement of Raw materials and packing materials.
  • To carry out reconcile of  the raw materials and packing materials
  • To monitor stores related activities as per SOPs.
  • To avoid mix up and proper storage of the material.
  • Monitoring online documentation as per SOPs.
  • To inform Purchase Department regarding the rejected material.
  • To check the issuance of the material to production and as per FIFO.
  • To monitor the materials due for re-tested.
  • To train the Stores Personnel as per the SOP of stores department.
  • Monitor dispatch schedules.
  • Monitor finished product stock.
  • To carry out finished product stock monitoring.
  • To carry out excise related aspects.
  • To coordinate with respective departments for smooth functioning of Stores.
  • To carry out finished product stock monitoring.

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